Light is life

megaSun solariums are counted among to the top class of solariums worldwide. Innovative design and user-friendliness combined with technical finesse – in a word megaSun. In our solariums you’ll find your personal sunbed: health-conscious and individual tanning with preSelection, tanning in a Tower with fitness function or wellness-oriented with unique beautyBoosters.

MegaSun Space 2000

MegaSun Space 3000

MegaSun Tower pureEnergy 5.0

MegaSun 4800

MegaSun 5600

MegaSun 6700 Alpha Business

MegaSun 6800 Alpha Hurricane

MegaSun 6900 Alpha Deluxe

MegaSun 7900 Alpha

MegaSun 7900 Alpha Deluxe

MegaSun 8000 Alpha

KBL MegaSun 7000 Alpha Series