KBL 6900 Alpha Deluxe Sunbed

KBL Megasun 6900 alpha deluxe

The new KBL Megasun 6900 is immensely popular due to being the most intelligent sunbed of its kind. An elegant and ergonomic design is combined with patented “Intellisun” technology and a simple user interface to provide an absolutely invigorating and rejuvenating tanning experience.

The bed is equipped with 6 specialist p2 tubes which are designed and proven to work with conventional UV technology to stimulate the production of Vitamin D3 which is essential for good health.  49 high-end LED’s boost collagen to renew skins elasticity and tone while X-tra Tan shoulder tanners ensure that your client’s tan is complete.

KBL Megasun 7900 Facials

MegaSun 6900 Alpha Deluxe

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