Tan Asz U Mai Tai Mimosa


Advanced 200X Bronzing Rum

Champagne & Citrus Glow Cocktail

Bold, brash, and beautiful, subtlety isn’t always your forte. Nice, because this 200X bronzer is also here to have a good time and look great doing it. It’s pretty much about taking every fun & potent ingredient we could get our hands on and adding it in excess. Incredibly dark bronzers, champagne, and citrus extracts kick off the party and it gets only crazier from there. Wildly dark and fantastically soft, this is absolutely the tanning cocktail for you.

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• Advanced 200X Bronzers give skin head-turning colour

• Champagne & Citrus extracts enhance your golden glow

• Tiger Grass extract helps your tattoos shine their brightest

• Hemp Seed Oil is the finest conditioning skin can get

• Max Silicones give you gloriously soft skin.

• DHA-free

Fragrance: Pink Martini


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