So Vani-T have given their product lines a radical overhaul, but for the better or for worse?

This blog is to give you a more in-depth insight to the new line up.

Liquid Sun & Fusion can now be used as EXPRESS tanning solutions. Vani-T advise ‘wash off after 1 hour for a natural tan or leave on longer for a darker result (up to 8 hours)’

Tania Walsh, VANI-T CEO & Founder. 

There is also a new Vani-T Fusion Mousse retail product.

Shower after 1 hour for a natural tan. Leave on longer for a darker result

Condensed Line Up

Liquid Sun is going from 8% & 12% and is now 10%

Velocity is going from 15% and 12% and is now 13.5%

The new line up

The new Illuminate and Activate will remain unchanged

Pricing of the new solution is yet to be confirmed

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