So, you may have noticed recently that tanning lotions that contain Carrot Oil or Beta Carotene have been flying off your shelves! But why?

Carrot Oil and Beta Carotene aren’t exactly a new tanning ingredient to the market, it’s been around forever!

So whats in the Veggie? – Here’s some information I found from Vichy Laboratories website (

Beta carotene is the strongly coloured red-orange pigment that gives many fruits and vegetables their bright colour. Beta carotene is thought to be the most physiologically and nutritionally important of all the carotenes and therefore is the best known and most studied.

So how is it good for my skin?
Human skin is susceptible to injury, disease and sun exposure, all of which can accelerate ageing. As we know already, in the body, beta carotene converts into retinol and other forms of vitamin A which helps to protect and repair the skin, which contributes to healing wounds, stimulating skin cell growth and renewal and building collagen, which is vital to help maintain the skin’s elasticity. Added to this, because beta carotene is also a natural pigment, it can also add a tanned colour to the skin.

What products are out there?

So below are a list of products which contain this magical tanning ingredient.

All these products contain Beta-Carotene or Carrot Oil. So give them a try! There is something for everyone, and the results will result in healthy looking skin and a great tan!

Any questions about the products I’ve mentioned, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!