Now the days are getting shorter and the weather getting colder, summer tans are fading… but they don’t have to!

Here are some hacks for keeping your summer glow shinning bright this winter

1. Most people drop off their sunbed sessions through the winter, when in fact it should be the other way round! With less day light hours, people are heading to and from work in the dark. Getting Vitamin D from the sun becomes harder, keep up with regular tanning sessions such as one/twice a week to get your boost, this will also help maintain the tan you gained from summer.

2. Keep hydrated! It’s much nicer to drink a pumpkin spiced latte, keep hydrated by drinking plenty of water. This will help keep your skin hydrated. Hydrated skin looks and feels better, keeping it plump.

3. Moisturise! Remember to keep moisturising your skin, sometimes we may not always feel like we want to, especially when it’s cold when you’ve just got out the shower or bath but keep applying. There are loads of moisturisers out there and ones that contain DHA; DHA is the fake tan ingredient and these ‘gradual tanners’ are great at keeping your tan topped up in between sunbed or spray tan sessions.

4. Exfoliate – this will help remove build up of dead skin to make way for new skin cells, regardless your method of tanning, exfoliating will help whether it is removing old tan ready for your new spray tan or scraping away the old skin ready for the new tan to come through.

5. Eat right. Swapping fresh summer salads for comfy soups, nothing wrong with this but try and incorporate red veggies into your diet. Red vegetables such as red peppers, sweet potatoes, mango, apricots, tomatoes and especially carrots are rich in beta carotene; ingredient widely found in tanning lotions. Consume it naturally within your diet and you’ll see your tan return.

If you have any top tips which aren’t featured, let us know your winter tan secrets.