Whooooaaa! Hold the phone… Whaaat!

“I don’t like bronzers. Customers don’t like bronzers. They streak, bla bla bla, yada yada yada”

Bronzers aren’t as scary as you think and are probably THE misunderstood thing about tanning! But why?

Ok, ok so maybe at some point in time, we were sold a lotion that maybe didn’t suit, but this aint the lotions fault! What works for one doesn’t always work for someone else. And yeah, we’ve probably all had disasters with gradual lotions and bronzers staining bed sheets, work blouses and shirts, but that’s a thing of the past!

Here is my guide to bronzers and how to get them to work for you!

So, who’s had a spray tan? We’ve all had a spray tan or a dodgy pound shop can tan that a mate has applied last minute before your night out, well guess what, you are applying bronzers to your skin! Two types in fact! DHA and Cosmetic.

So how does this work? Believe it or not, DHA (Fake Tan) is a colourless chemical derived from Glycerine (YES COLOURLESS) it reacts with the amino acids in your skin to cause a browning reaction a bit like when you cut open an apple and it is exposed to oxygen, it browns.

This is the colour that you see when you wash off your spray tan after the first shower and usually lasts about 5/7 days. This is the ingredient you see in tanning lotions that are labelled ‘Clear Bronzers’, ‘Optimiser’ and/or Delayed/Gradual Bronzers’ and yet you may have used one of these lotions and not even realised it because the cream is white in colour! Or may have bought a lotion from your supermarket as a gradual tanner!

So whats the other bronzers? So these are the bronzers you can see, so the lotion has a colour to it, it varies in strength giving the cream its light or dark appearance. Known as cosmetic or natural bronzers. Think of them as make up for the skin, they go on, giving you an instant glow and wash off later.

Now then, now you are armed with this information, don’t be scared to give try them, start off with light bronzers and work up. Cosmetic Bronzers are great if you need an extra boost of colour for that party or event tonight. Delayed bronzers are great for gradually boosting colour over the course of your tanning sessions along with your natural tan.

Have any questions, drop a comment or a message!

Dee x