Halo Follow the Star Collection – Joy 8ml


Halo Gel Polish Follow The Star Collection

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Place the magnet over the nail and the iron particles rise toward the surface and stay there due to the thickness of the polish as it dries. The result? The particles can be seen through the nail polish, which creates the mesmerising cat eye effect

Halo Gel Polish is manufactured to the very latest industry formula and provides many benefits to the Nail Tech, including ease of application, fantastic shine and tremendous depth of colour while providing 14 days of chip resistant long lasting shine. This latest formula also means Halo Gel Polish can be removed very easily in less than 10 minutes using acetone.

Halo Gel Polish is completely compliant with UK and EU regulations and can be cured using a conventional 36 Watt UV Lamp or a 12 Watt LED Lamp.

Please note: We have made every effort to reproduce a likeness of the colour and finish of our gel polish.  However, the representation of colours are limited by technology and may vary due to screen settings.


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