Hapro Luxura X5 Rental Sunbed

The gorgeous Luxura X5 lay-down sunbed is a great way to expand your business to include a premium tanning service. Your clients will adore the opportunity to lay back and relax while they build their tan and boost their Vitamin D!

Our rental option means that you are able to increase your footfall and promote greater income from just £7 per day!

The Luxura X5 is packed with a fantastic array of features as standard:

  • Luxury front panel: Includes Brandshield and Ambient FlowLight for beautiful colour effects
  • Optional ContourPlus: An ergonomic acrylic shield which supports the client, providing ultimate comfort
  • Full colour display with intuitive handling and smart touch control
  • Smart cooling system

Why stop there when there are a great choice of extra features available:

  • Ambient FlowLight panel: Includes a smart touch control and illuminated graphic
  • Xsens: Scent diffusion via the body cooling channel
  • Qsens: 2 nozzles spray a refreshing cool mist on the body
  • Speakers
  • My MP3 Audio System: with one studio channel, speakers and MP3 connection
  • SoundAround Plus: Subwoofer, two speakers, Bluetooth, SmartVoice function guide. Four external radio channels and two internal SD card channels provide pre-programmed, royalty-free relaxing and energetic music with the option to programme your own playlist


Call the team today on 0800 587 2583 and ask about our rental options!

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