Swedish Beauty Pink Rock

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Carefree. Rebel Soul. Wild Style. Conforming to societal norms? Not a chance. You’d rather be rocking out at a show or dancing to the beat of your own drum in your favorite studded cutoffs. Everyone knows your spirit can’t be tamed and they secretly love your over-the-top antics. Shock them further with intimidatingly dark color only a Rebellious Bronzer can deliver. No need to leave the party early, let Wolfberry re-energize your skin with a boost of hydration after a long night out. Look and feel like the flawless backstage beauty that you are with Pink Rock™!


– P25 Rebellious Bronzer
– Wolfberry
– Firming and Toning Blend
– Flawless Finish Moisture
– Fragrance: Midnight Melody- Citrus, Peony, vanilla Bean, Sandalwood

Wolfberry: Delivers vitamins and minerals to your skin to help energize and clarify for a radiant complexion

Firming and Toning Blend: Caffeine and Allantoin help tone and firm skin for stunning results

Flawless Finish Moisture:Super moisturizers promote a glowing bronze


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