ProTan Incredible Package Deal 2020



2 x Made of Magic Natural Bronzer

2 x Instantly Black

2 x Fashionably Hot

2 x Irresistibly Tan

2 x Perfectly Tan

2 x Bodaciously Black

2 x Unbelievably Black

2 x Radically Hemp

2 x Hot Hottie

2 x Ridiculously Bronze

2 x Incredibly Black

2 x Desirably Dark

2 x Luscious Legs

Receive Free Sachets of

6 x Made of Magic Natural Bronzer

6 x Instantly Black

6 x Fashionably Hot

6 x Irresistibly Tan

6 x Perfectly Tan

6 x Bodaciously Black

6 x Unbelievably Black

6 x Radically Hemp

6 x Hot Hottie

6 x Ridiculously Bronze

6 x Incredibly Black

6 x Desirably Dark

6 x Luscious Legs


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