ProTan Diamonds Are a Girls Best Friend Bottle

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DIAMONDS ARE A GIRLS BEST FRIEND 50XXX Instantly Dark Black Bronzing Creamy Gelee You Know You’re Worth It! The love of being bronze is greatly enhanced when your have a little bling to accentuate your look! The ultimate dark tanning and bronzing formula features micro bronzing beads for instant bronze along with black bronzers for the darkest tan imaginable. Added diamond dust provides a flawless skin look while leaving a little come hither shimmer for star affects. Your Love For Being Bronze Is Priceless! 50XXX Black Bronzing Complex For The Darkest Tan. Luminous Bronzing Beads Provide Immediate Color. Diamond Dust Illuminates While Smoothing Skin Tone. High Power, Fast Acting Accelerating Blend. DHA Develops and Maintains a Deeper, Even Skin Tan. Moisturizes Skin While Tanning CX2 Skin Firming Complex with Caffeine, L-Carnitine, Coenzyme A and Coenzyme Q. A fast accelerator with added bronzers

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