Fiesta Sun Fruity Rotating Sachet Deal 2019


This display deal provides the perfect platform tio drive sales, by promoting the Fruity Sensations range of products to every customer who walks into your salon



10 x Coconut Dream

10 x Dragon Fruit Frenzy

10 x Blackberry Blast

10 x Kiwi Kapow

10 x Honey Berry Buzz

10 x Strawberry Banana Breeze

10 x Mango Melt

10 x Black Cherry Crush

Receive Free

2 x Coconut Dream

2 x Dragon Fruit Frenzy

2 x Blackberry Blast

2 x Kiwi Kapow

2 x Honey Berry Buzz

2 x Strawberry Banana Breeze

2 x Mango Melt

2 x Black Cherry Crush

1 x Rotating Sachet Stand


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