Designer Skin Elusive Sachet

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A toss of the hair, a feisty twinkle in the eye…that knowing smirk. Hard as you try, you can’t quite identify the X factor they possess that attracts gratuitous stares as they pass. Let Designer Skin clue you in with Elusive. The unprecedented power of 50X bronzers helps provide unparalleled bronzing results, while ChronoReset™ leaves skin with a timeless look. What can we say? Some people have it, everyone wants it.


  • Breakthrough 50X Bronzer utilizes a combination of three tanning processes-Immediate Bronzing, Melanin Activated Bronzing and Delayed Bronzing–to help provide optimal color enrichment
  • TanEntice Elixir™, scientifically designed to work in conjunction with the 50X bronzer, utilizes and Amino Acid to help increase Melanin production and distribution
  • When used in combination with UV Light, ChronoReset™ Anti-Aging Synchronization can help restore your Circadian Clock, improving skin’s function, hydration and appearance, while also serving as a precursor to Vitamin D production
  • Time Release Fragrance provides a long lasting effect, leaving everyone you meet with the memory of your signature scent

Fragrance: Dewy Ozonic Lily


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