The Team are really, REALLY excited about this news…you are now able to purchase the Designer Skin range from Blue Tanning and Beauty!


Dazzling in it’s opulence and splendidly sumptuous, Designer Skin is here!


A range that is as affordable as it is excellent, the Designer Skin lines are exquisite to use and make for a stunning visual addition to your product offering in-store



Featured Products;


Command: For the man who knows what he wants! Quadruple bronzers and tattoo shield.


Cherish: 12X Bronzer with skin-nourishing whole-milk base


Black Dahlia: 45X Bronzers. Miracle Tamanu Oil and Skinny sugar provide a refined silhouette, all with a gorgeous aromatherapy infusion


Astonish: Natural Bronzer with Diamond and Pearl technology to illuminate skin


Worship Worthy: 7X Bronzer with a luscious melted butter base. Designer Skin donates a portion of the proceeds of each bottle to LGBTQ youth organizations



There is a Designer Skin range to suit every taste! Call now and ask about ;

Miracle Collection

X Collection

Mystical Collection

Colour Collection

Designer by Designer

Bath I Body I Face

Our lines are open Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm: 0800 587 2583 Option 1