The wind is howling, rain is dashing down, and many of us are feeling pretty miserable with the significant lack of sunshine. It is a significant fact that people in the Northern Hemisphere demonstrate more illnesses associated with a lack of Vitamin D, than anywhere else in the world. Long winters, shorter days and terrible weather


So it is a bit naff outside, and the Winter wardrobe is getting full use! Snuggly jumpers, scarves, gloves and hats, maybe a new coat, and we venture outside looking like Scott of the Antartic (or an Ice Road Trucker for those more sensitive to the frosty mornings!)


No matter how much we protect ourselves from the weather, our skin takes an absolute battering and as such, it is really important to step up the pampering to maintain our gorgeous tans!


Moisturising is absolutely key to skin health and extending the life of a tan. We know that dead skin cells slough off on a regular basis, but without regular care, skin becomes dry and sallow. It is even more important to follow a strict moisturising regime in the Winter months to keep skin soft and supple (and let’s face it, who doesn’t like a gorgeous long soak in the bath followed by a top to toe moisturising session!)


Whilst women have long been advertised as moisturising faces and hands on a daily basis, in the last 5 years, men have been encouraged to follow suit. What is more attractive then soft, fresh skin?


Exfoliate thoroughly in your bath or shower, to remove dead skin cells, leaving smoother, more even skin. Moisturise thoroughly, massaging in small circles from your neck down to your ankles with a lotion to suit your skin type and preference.



Use specific moisturisers for your face, hands and feet. These are usually more intensive as not only is the skin in these area’s different to the rest of the body, but these areas are more exposed to the elements. Your hands, face and neck should be moisturised morning and night and after exposure to rain, cold air or strong winds




By keeping your skin soft and smooth, your gorgeous summer tan will remain for longer.  Dry skin reflects light and sloughs off more quickly, resulting in a shallow tan that does not last, whereas well-moisturised skin absorbs light and encourages a deeper, darker colour which lasts much longer.


From Pro-Tan’s Perfectly Pink to the Luxurious Aloe There from Swedish Beauty, the Sales Team ar on hand to help you choose from a great range of moisturising tan extenders to suit your store! Call 0800 587 2583 and select option 1!


So while it is tipping it down with freezing cold rain outside, maximise your retail sales by helpping your clients to keep the moisture (and tan) going on their skin!