Natura Vitamin-D lamps by Futura

Green light therapy is an effective treatment against signs of aging that also builds a gorgeous tan. Banish dark spots and discolouration while pigmentation is improved. This means that Green light therapy is very popular as a skin and anti-aging treatment. Rejuvenate skin, fade the appearance of freckles, liver spots and other hyper pigmentation associated with aging while the specialised green wavelengths soothe, calm and balance the body.

  • High ratio of UVB – For more Vitamin-D
  • Increased brightness – For a refreshing, calming tan
  • Green light aids tanning & pigmentation
  • Promotes wellness through the healing properties of green light

Research has shown that two hours of daily exposure to green light was just as effective in treating depression symptoms caused by seasonal affective disorder according to a study published in 1991 in the American Journal of Psychiatry.

The Natura Vitamin D by fusion is truly a lamp that doesn’t just help you look good, but feel good too.


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